Adolescent drug treatments


Bradford Health Services offers teen and adolescent addiction treatment. Because a teen’s recovery can be much different from an adult’s, the program offered for adolescents is different than that for adults. Adolescents who are inpatients at a drug rehab center run by Bradford Health Services receive continued education by a licensed teacher. Credits earned while in treatment may be transferred to the patients’ home schools or a G.E.D. program.

For the first part of treatment, patients receive 24-hour medical supervision and detoxification if needed during their period of withdrawal. Patients attend individual, group, and specialized counseling sessions run by licensed counselors.

Family members are encouraged to attend counseling sessions with their loved ones to learn about addiction, wand what they can do to help the patient recover. Family members are also welcomed to go to Al-Anon and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for further help.

Once the initial acute stage of recovery passes, and the patient is deemed ready to go to the next step, he or she becomes an outpatient. During this time, the patient lives at home and goes to school or work. Treatment continues during the outpatient part.

Because drug abuse rehab and alcohol abuse rehab address issues that cause addiction, one of the issues looked at during treatment involves teaching patients self-confidence, trust, and how to work with others. Adventure-based programs are used to challenge the patients’ self-imposed limits.

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