Blu Cigs


If you are a conscientious smoker, one of the main concerns is the smoke from your cigarette contaminating your clothes, workplace, home, and car. You may live in a city where you can’t smoke in certain places, at work, or in your work vehicle. So what do you do? You take more breaks at work, which leads to animosity from your non-smoking co-workers. You smoke outside when at home, which leads to you freezing in the winter, boiling in the summer, and getting soaking wet in the rain – but you like to smoke, so you suffer through it. Now you don’t have to suffer.

blu Cigs is a brand of electronic cigarettes that helps you escape the iron chains of traditional cigarettes. You can smoke them inside, at work, and in your car, all without worrying about spreading actual smoke and toxins around like you would with a traditional cigarette.

Each starter pack comes with: an e-cigarette pack in white or black, two blu batteries, a blu wall charger, a blu USB charger, and a five-cartridge pack in the strength and flavor of your choosing. You also have the choice between the Original and Premium100.