Chromium is a kind of mineral which is vital to humans and is found in a variety of foods. Chromium occurs naturally in sea foods, meat, eggs, dairy products, black pepper, whole grains and almonds. Chromium sustains the normal function of insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas. This helps transfer glucose from the blood to the muscle, liver and stout cells thus converting sugar into a source of energy. Insulin is also part in regulating stout, protein and catalytic enzyme processes. Studies show that chromium helps in treating insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome and diabetes. A form of nerve hurt called Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a direct result of diabetes and is indirectly related to insufficient chromium in the human body.

Chromium supplementation can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in men and may lessen the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. High doses of chromium supplements are occasionally used in muscle development and weight loss.

Below is the list of the recommended intake of chromium.

Age Adequate Intake (mcg/day)
Children 0 – 6 mos 0.2
7 – 12 mos 5.5
1 – 3 yrs 11
4 – 8 yrs 15
Boys 9 – 13 yrs 25
14 – 18 yrs 35
Girls 9 – 13 yrs 21
14 – 18 yrs 24
Men 19 – 50 yrs 35
50 yrs and above 30
Women 19 – 50 yrs 25
50 yrs and above 20
Pregnant women 18 yrs and below 29
19 yrs and above 30
Breastfeeding women 18 yrs and below 44
19 yrs and above 45
Food Chromium (mcg)
half cup of broccoli 11
1 cup of grape juice 8
1 whole wheat, english muffin 4
1 tsp dried garlic 3
1 cup mashed potatoes 3
1 tbsp dried basil 2
3 oz of beef cubes 2
1 cup orange juice 2
3 oz turkey breast 2
2 slices of whole wheat bread 2
5 oz red wine 1 – 13
1 med of unpeeled apple 1
1 med of banana 1
half cup of green beans 1

Chromium for PCOS

Chromium has been also used as treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This is a hormonal condition which affects about two million American women. Polycystic ovarian syndrome can lead to infertility if not treated immediately and is related to type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

Chromium Picolinate

Chomium supplements are available in tablets or capsules and are prepared using formulas like chromium (III), chromium aspartate, chromium chloride, chromium citrate, chromium nicotinate, chromium picolinate, trivalent chromium and GTF chromium. Chromium supplements may lower blood glucose and elevated body stout and improve insulin sensitivity.

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