Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

I was watching direct TV Austin this morning and catching my favorite morning show, the “Today Show”. They had a fantastic segment on endangered animals. They brought animals to the show that I had never even seen. My favorite animal that they brought was the West African Dancing Crane. It was a huge black bird, the size of a crane that you would see in the United States. The crane had a long yellow beak and what looked like whispy white pom poms on top of his head. The most amusing thing about the animal is that they look like they are dancing. The zoo keeper said that each and every crane has their own unique dance go. Not one of them dancing just alike. It was hilarious! The other animal that I thought was cute was a small animal that looked like a mix between a prarie dog and a monkey. They called the animal a “Honey Bear”. They said that there were less than five hundred of them left in the world. Many zoos have starter programs where they try to breed and build up the population of these endangered species.